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Manufactures Of Commercial Ice Makers 

        ​​​​​      Icemasters, Inc. Ice Makers                          Refrigeration Equipment

    The mission of Icemasters, is to provide honest and the most reliable service that stands head and shoulders above the rest. ​

      We are proud to announce that the GeneralManager of Icemasters, Inc.,

      Jeffery  Saltzman, has joined our company.  He was formally President of MIMCO (also known

     as Miami Ice Machine Company).  He brings with him over 44yrs of experience to our company.  

     His wealth of experience and his knowledge in the ice making, business make,s our company one of the             strongest and most sought after ice maker & refrigeration companies in Florida.  We will provide the                   best service in the industry with 100% reliability or your money back.

     All of  our ice makers are backed by a 5yr all parts & 3yr labor warranty.  Our refrigeration line is backed

     by a 5yr all parts & 3yr labor warranty.  We understand  the importance of having an ice maker or

     refrigeration unit working at all times.  Call us now & save time & money with Icemasters.